01 December 2010

Mega Zit on my Face

They said, when one pushes 40 (although it is still 2 years before I am over the hill), the blemish comes far in between. Well, let me tell you this, that does not apply to me. My face has been breaking out lately. I have small pimples below my chin and some at my back. And to my surprise, I saw one mega zit right on my left cheek near the ear lobe. Ouch!

The pimple is so red that my friend even tried to wipe it thinking it was a ketchup splatter on my face. Double ouch!

I am not very keen on concealing the blemish, too afraid that I may aggravate and cause it to create a tiny village of zits on my face. So, I am sticking to my acne treatment clear gel with a mild salicylic acid component so as not to burn my face and cause discoloration.

I hope it clears up soon because I am getting a bit conscious every time people mistake it for a ketchup. That will give you an idea on how red it is right now.

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