10 December 2010

My Daughter's Christmas Loads!

My daughter might find being a solo child advantageous especially on seasons like this - Christmas. Why you might ask? Well, she gets all the presents, that is why!

Her line of Christmas gifts came from her wonderful Papa (who happens to be my wonderful husband too...hehehehe) this year. They all came early though because part of them were rewards for being in the top 10 of her class.

For a young girl of her age to have so much is such a blessing. We try our very best to give her the best of life, as long as we can afford it. She also has disappointments but I know it's just a few because she got what she wanted for Christmas 2010.

Here are the rundown of her gifts (and what she requested!):
1. Converse - Her papa bought her during our trip to the US. We went to Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall in New Jersey on a side trip while enjoying a brief break from touring NYC!

2. Watch (any kind of watch) - Got her an inexpensive watch with dazzling gems on the clock face! Color - Purple!!!

3. Leather sneakers - Another shoes! Got it from the Dubai Outlet Mall and it looked like Converse but it's made in Germany ;) Very cheap but it's leather!!! Color - Purple again!!! I asked her if I can borrow it ;)

4. Trip to the US - Okay, this was a collective "like" from the family! My husband organized the trip on last minute although my daughter and I were hinting of having a week-long holiday break in NYC! So, off we went to New York last November 12 - 16.

5. New gadget! Her very own netbook. - Again, courtesy of my husband. We keep bickering who's going to use my laptop so to end the squabble, she got her own netbook. Of course, we only let her use it every weekend.

Well, she can't ask for more! We asked her already what she wanted for next year. I know it's too early but the earlier we know, the sooner we can save for it, right? TOKYO!!! Hmmmmm... Tokyo is a very expensive place to visit. Let's see. If she gives us great marks in school, her papa and I might consider.

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