17 December 2010

Not Another Zit!

What is wrong with my skin these days? I think I am too old to have pimples. Then again, maybe not.

After my pimple outbreak few days ago, another one developed on my right cheek. Almost near the chin area and it is very red. My daughter saw and teased me about it. She thought, only she would get pimples and I was the invincible one. Wrong!

I am fussy about what I put on my face. I wonder how to get rid of acne fast? I have a party to attend to. I don't want my big, red zit to get all the attention. Sigh...


  1. Hi,
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  2. Hi Bogdan,

    Of course. Thanks for dropping a comment. Just let me know when you have linked me ok?

    Ria C


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