27 December 2010

Safety First This New Year

Christmas has come and gone and people are now anticipating the coming of 2011. A lot of you may celebrate New Year with a bang, quite literally. However, here in Dubai, residents are not allowed to hold their own fireworks display at home. Maybe some who have permission but it is done by big hotels only or the government body.

So, New Year is rather safe here. We just watch the fireworks from the distance and it is being set up by the professionals. For those of you who are going to have fireworks display, just bear in mind these simple tips to avoid any accidents or mishaps you may regret.

1. Keep all your fireworks in a safe place, preferably away from the reach of children.
2. Don't put your fireworks near hot areas like stoves, fireplace and kilns. This is rather common sense!
3. Set up your fireworks in a vacant yard or at least few feet away from the residential area or where the public has access. You don't want your fireworks to accidentally "blast" on unwitting passers-by.
4. If you need to light up your fireworks the conventional way, i.e., use of a match, please wear protective gloves like the ones used by construction workers.
5. Tie a candle on a long stick and use it to light your fireworks from a distance.
6. Do not fire "weapons." Period!
7. Tap the pots and pans instead if you want to make some noise or put your stereo on for some nice and non-deafening music. 

We have managed to live without the frivolities of fireworks display for many years now. It is a welcome respite though, to see the magnificent display brought by the professionals as sponsored by the government and hoteliers here in Dubai from a very safe distance. Although the celebration back in the Philippines is really missed, I would rather settle for a simple and safe welcoming of 2011 than find my fingers all over the place. If you know what I mean.

So, let us keep it safe and simple. If we can avoid not setting up fireworks then let us do so. However, if one intends to welcome 2011 with grand display of fireworks, be my guest. Just be cautious and have a first aid kit within reach just in case.

Happy New Year everyone. Where ever you may be. Have a safe and peaceful 2011!

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