27 December 2010

Smokey Scent

I cannot stand the smell of cigars and cigarettes. It is very pungent for me and I have a hard time breathing. I feel so angry whenever inconsiderate people light up their cigarettes even on places that are designated non-smoking. It is very unfair for non-smokers like me to inhale the toxins coming out from their cigarette butts.

I have the misfortune of bumping to someone in our building who smoke even inside the lift. For crying out loud! The lift is a very confined space and the scent does not go away swiftly. I hope he can take the cotinine test so he will have an idea on the damage his smoking does to him and to the innocent second-hand smokers.

I am so tempted to slap the cigar out of his hand or maybe, just slap the living daylights out of him. How inconsiderate and foolish can he be?

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