22 December 2010


My body has adapted very well to the fact that I can do a work of 2 people. However, my body did not expect to do those load in a very, very tight time frame.

I have been staying back since Sunday in the office until 7:00 pm. I have clocked 12 hours of work to meet deadlines! I am so sure I won't be commended for that like always. 

I did it to complete the task given. Then I realized, I shouldn't have done that. I am paid only until a certain period of time. After that is "thank you." I just allowed the company to short-change me. That's so bad but I let it happen.

I am so spaced-out. My brain and the whole of me are literally begging for a break. Like any well-oiled machine, it has to rest or else it will break-down.

I will not allow these things to happen again next time. I should have known. The company can replace me easily but the time I lost is gone forever. Note to self..."No one is indispensable."

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