06 December 2010


I feel like a rubber band. I am stretched to the max. I am afraid that I may not hold my elasticity much longer and snap.

Snapping is never a positive experience. I keep reminding myself to suck it in and swallow whatever I want to say which I know is not good at the moment. I still need this job so I better be good.

I just wonder how long I can hold on to this. It's not fun anymore. It hasn't been fun at all for the past few years. I don't know where to derive motivation apart from the obvious - getting salary every end of the month for the service rendered.

I just feel the need to change my environment. I am looking for lateral positions within the company now. I think I better act soon because the longer I stay where I am, the more toxic I feel as a person. That can't be good. Besides, I am overworked and underpaid. I think I deserve more than that. A recognition, perhaps or increase in salary if they don't want to promote me?

I hope God gives me more patience (and strength) to go through this misery. I know the right opportunity will come. I just pray it comes soon! And with that, I just pray for more patience... I think I badly need it.


  1. I pray that you get what your heart desires.

    take care.

  2. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear this. Hold on a little more, sabi nga nila konting tyaga pa and it'll come soon. I hope they realize your worth soon before it's too late, haha.

    I pray that you have more patience. ;)

    *kisses and hugs*

  3. I'll pray that God will give you more patience and that He will touch your officemates' hearts and be a little gentler to you. For the meantime, don't forget to rest and relax. Take care, Ria!


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