01 December 2010

Three Blogs for Me

I have been blogging for almost three years. I have had my ups and downs in the blog world but summing it all up for the last (almost) three years, I would say it was mostly up.

I may not post as often as I had before on my other blogs but the amber to write great stories and anecdotes of my life and other tips to share are still in my regular priorities.

I am also considering to avail of free directory submission service to some web sites to up the ante of my feeds and reach. I know it will be a big boost for my other 2 blogs to have the same wide reach as this blog has now.

Blogging still serves an enjoyable past time for me but I think 3 blogs is enough to keep the fire burning.


  1. hats off to you!;)
    I'm amazed how others can have more than 1 blog.

    btw, you're right--blogging is an enjoyable past time.

    have a great day.

  2. Thanks Mayet. Well, blogging didn't come easy at first but the fun was worth all the sacrifices :)


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