03 December 2010

Tiny Laptops

I am really impressed by how technology has evolved as the passing of time. I remember seeing a big laptop during the 1990s. It was big, very heavy and bulky. It was cumbersome to bring along even if the intention of the manufacturers was to make the desktop computer more flexible and portable.

The innovation of technology through the years pave way to smaller, sleeker and really light computers. The laptops now have a junior version called netbooks which are the epitome of "portability."

The first netbook I have seen was 3 years ago from a relative who bought an Asus Eee PC. I thought it was a gift for my daughter who was already 9 years old and wouldn't be playing with a child laptop educational toy. I was so surprised to see that it was a teeny-weeny and functional laptop, more aptly called netbook.

I wonder how much technology can still carry on evolving because I am amazed by what people can do these days to shrink or miniaturize a gadget or electronic we all commonly use. Next thing we know it, we will be using a palm PC. Oh yes, the smart phones and PDAs these days doubles as a mini-computer too with word processor, organizer, push mail and GPS. Imagine what's next...

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