05 December 2010

To have an Online Shop

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am already contemplating on what to do to keep the income coming once I retire from the corporate bondage. The maximum years I can sacrifice in the corporate bondage is another 5 years just to augment the savings. After that, it is decision time for me if I want to go on or move to a different direction.

Online shops are sprouting nowadays. I have a cousin who is flourishing selling fashionable wears and branded bags and shoes through the internet. I may go towards that direction because I love fashion, I love clothes and bags and I love to travel. I already have my leads on where to get what. My only concern is the setting up of online shop. I know I have to go about the formalities of ecommerce web hosting to be able to set up my own site and accept payments too.

It is still a long shot because I have to gain patrons. I need to start somewhere but if I am still tied at work full time, it will be hard for me to put this in motion. The plan is there. I just need to have the right time to execute it. I hope it will be sooner that I expected it to be.

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