02 January 2011

2011, Bring it On!

What's in store for me this 2011? I ask myself.

2010 was a year full of tribulations and doubts. I was practically depressed the most part of the year. Although my depression was brought about by personal woes and issues I could not address directly. I was smack in the middle of "mid-life crisis" and no pun intended on that. 

I was lost. I had plenty of questions. And those questions until now are not yet answered. However, I cannot let the mistakes of 2010 bring me down as well this 2011. I need to rise up and face whatever challenges head on because that is the only way I will learn. 

I pray with a sincere hope that 2011 brings the much needed break each and everyone of us so badly need. 

So 2011, bring it on!

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  1. Dear Ria C!
    I know you've had a special year - so I was so thankful when you popped in for your Xmas and New Year greetings!

    Mine was kind of tough too, but I have not forgotten you and send you all the best for 2011 to you! Diane sends her greetings too!

    If you have the time, there is a special video New Years greetings on my last post :-)

    Have a good week ahead!


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