05 January 2011

Aging Gracefully

I know that the time will come where I have to accept the fact that I will become a bona fide member of the "over-the-hills" club soon. Although I am not officially 40 yet, I may have to start psyching myself that the signs of aging will slowly creep and find their way to my once vital and young body.

The once svelte and very slim body is now pudgy and rotund. My normal outfit does not fall properly on my body. The perkiness of some attributes have slightly gave in to gravity. My next collection of favorites will include spandex! I am already checking my wardrobe and replacing the clothes I used to wear when I was younger. I think, as I age, I have to dress appropriately too. So, I am investing on the classics - business suits, shift dresses, comfortable jeans, not-tight fitting tees and blouses, and loafers. I need to dress down now not because I need to conform on what society dictates but because I want to look and act like my age. I leave the prancing-around-on-skimpy clothes to the younger and more able generation. Those outfits look better on them anyway.

An over-hauling of my make-up kit is also in the offing. I used to wear bright colors to highlight my eyes and cheeks. As I gracefully reach 40, I have started buying make-up palettes on the neutral and classic tones of brown and grey. I feel a little uneasy looking like "Raggedy Ann" when I can look like "Barbie" on neutral tones.

My skin texture is also showing the years. I have small lines on my face and may soon need to apply anti wrinkle serum. My face is not the only one showing the passing of time. My hands and feet look a bit wrinkly unlike before. I don't really mind. I just know that these things are going to happen. I just didn't realize how it felt like seeing the graceful signs of aging.

I guess becoming more mature physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually will do wonders to one's well-being. It is the course of human nature. I am not one to defy that. So, next year, when I officially become 40, I will rejoice and say - "Life begins at 40!"

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