16 January 2011

Basic Commodities and Their Ever Increasing Prices

Few years ago, before the onset of the recession of modern times, I used to go in the supermarket with a mere 50 dirhams (approx. US$12.00). I could fill my shopping cart with vegetables, few canned goods and some poultry and meat.

That was few years ago. Now, I can barely fill a "basket" with grocery items without having to shell out more than a hundred dirhams. The basic commodities like rice, poultry, meat, water, vegetables and fruits have increased. I am not sure about the exact percentage of the increase but they it I would estimate, it would be around 20%-40%.

The price hike started last year, around September or October. I am not sure if they will further increase the price since I have not read anything about it. However, a roll-back would be ideal and certainly appreciated if only this region would consider...

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