29 January 2011

Combat Mood Swings

Mood swings can afflict anyone. Even the person with the most sunny disposition in life can go into a state of funk. However, we can all combat this change of mood by doing the following and not resorting to any substance or medication which can alter one's perspectives falsely:

1. Count one to ten.
Sometimes, a pause is just what we need in this manic world. It does not hurt to pause for a while and recover from a negative emotion. Simply close your eyes and count one to ten - or even to a hundred if you feel like it. You'll notice how your heart beat slows down and your tensed muscles relax after doing this.

2. Envision beautiful and calm sceneries.
I do this all the time when I am feeling down. I always imagine myself standing in a middle of a field of tulips and basking under the glorious sun. Such a nice feeling and boom - goes my bad mood.

3. Sing a happy tune.
- or even whistle or hum if you like. Nothing beats a moody day with a perky song number. Match it with a dance step if you may :)

4. Take a day off.
If you have so many vacation leave credits, now is the time to use it. Most of our mood swings are contributed by the stress and people around the office. Maybe a vacation for a day or two can change that.

5. Say a positive mantra like "I am happy" or "I will not let myself be down" or anything you think can help make you happy and empowered.

6. Look at pictures of your love ones including your pets, if you have one.
Their happy faces (no matter how dysfunctional your family is!) can instantly plaster a smile in our face.

7. Light a scented candle or spray an aromatic scent to boost your mood.
I always have a supply of citrus scented candles and room spray. It always does the trick because the senses have an impact on our moods.

8. Take a walk.
If there's a park nearby, why don't you take a walk with a friend or your pet. The lively and happy sound of nature and people enjoying in the park can certainly lift your mood.

9. Read a good book.
Time to pick up that dusty novel in your bookcase for a good read. Sit in a chaise or a recliner, sip a nice lemonade and enjoy your solitude reading.

10. Help someone.
Sometimes, our mood is aggravated because we keep focusing on how we feel. Try helping a friend, colleague or do a random act of kindness.

11. SAY A LITTLE PRAYER... It goes a long, long, way.
Trust me, nothing beats this one. I took this prayer from www.marypages.com and want to share it to all of you.

"Heavenly Father, I awoke this morning in a bad mood and I have been unable to shake it so far.
Everything bothers me and everyone rubs me the wrong way. 
I just can't seem to get my true bearings. 
Help me to think of Your salvation, Your countless gifts and overwhelming love for me.
Let me relax and forget life's cares by placing myself wholly into Your hands.
Grant that this mood will soon pass and I will be able to bask in Your love and communicate it to others.

HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE. Remember, we only live once so make the most of it.

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