21 January 2011

Dinner with Friends

I rarely go out on social events. Last night I did! My hubby and I went out for a buffet-dinner with friends in Le Meridien.

The food was superb! There were plenty of selections so picking one was a tough call. I chose the grilled fish, salads, and a few serving of angel-hair pasta with chicken and white sauce. I made a beeline at the desserts area not once but twice. That's really bad! Diet wise.

So, I guess I have to start checking on the fastest ways to lose belly fat. My pants are a bit tight now because of the recent holidays and my lack of motivation to exercise.

That outlook will have to change or all the past weight-loss success I have had will be futile.

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  1. I'm meeting friends tonight and there's going to be lots of food! aie! anyway, it's wkend(almost)so I can cheat;)


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