29 January 2011

Gearing Up for the Extreme Weather

Weather these days is just hard to predict and understand. In places where it usually don't snow, snowed. Moreover, places which experience cold season, albeit in a brief period of time, did not feel the winter at all. And that is what we are experiencing here in the UAE. The winter season is barely felt. I think it did not come.

I was reading the news a while ago and saw pictures of the flash flood in Saudi Arabia. Sure, the people in the Middle East region is not new to some rainfall but not torrential rains. People were not geared properly and they were not ready for calamities like that.

People still walk around the knee-high flood like it was ordinary puddle. They do not have proper overshoes to protect themselves from contaminants in the water or even water-borne disease.

Everyone must be educated on how to act when calamities such as this happen. They should know the rudiments of survival to be able to overcome this natural cause.

It has not rained hard in the UAE yet. After seeing the floods in Saudi Arabia, I think the people of UAE are quite relieved to have not felt the extreme weather at all.


  1. Hi Ria,
    My hubby is in Riyadh, mejo relieved nga siya kasi di bumaha dun. pero umulan din daw ng malakas. strange na talaga ang weather ngayon!

    sa Bulacan pala nyo balak tumira na once you're here. It's a good place. Di ba daw bahain dun? Wla kasi ako kakilala na taga dun so I can check din :)

    anyway, ngayon lang ako nakadalaw uli Ria! mejo nagkasakit ako! Have a happy week ahead!

  2. Winter in my neck of the woods has been unusually cold and pretty snowy and icy this year. Still, we're fortunate not to have had any disasters like some places.

  3. @Beth - I am glad he is safe. Weird na talaga ang weather. I really like Bulacan area. I spent half of my growing years there. Kaya when I retire, I will be back in Bulacan.

    @Coupon Trunk - I am happy to hear that everyone is safe in your area. We can only pray for good weather to come soon :)

    Thanks for your comments people :)


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