09 January 2011

Headphones Abound

Our house is full of gadgets and trinkets and headphones - not just two but almost a dozen!

You can find two or three in my study drawer, two hanging on my daughter's knick-knack rack, two in my hubby's luggage, one in my bag (for my iPod) and two in the living room when they feel like listening to some head-banging music.

We just have plenty of them so where ever you turn or look at, you will certainly see one in plain sight. I like it that way. At least, we don't fight or wait for our turn to use the headphone. Not only that, we all have our varying tastes in music. I love soft and light, my daughter is into Japanese, my brother is into heavy Japanese music, and my husband is into pop.

So, it is just right to have enough headphones to go around. I know, people ask, "Does 8 pairs of ears require a lot of headphones?" My answer is YES.

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