03 January 2011

Healthy Eating this 2011

Okay! I am super guilty for being a slacker. I was already on track and bam! I got derailed. Blame it on low "will-power" and short attention span. Yup! I have been through a rough patch this 2010. So I don't know what 2011 brings but one thing for sure - being healthy is still one of my top priorities.

I cannot stress enough the value of eating healthy food. I am not a big muncher of junk food but neither a saint. Ok, I gorge every once in a while and that is about it. I told myself (not as part of a new year's resolution which I habitually break) that I would make myself more healthy by eating properly and exercising.

So, fresh veggies and fruits are the top of my list when I go to the market. I am done with binge eating during the holidays. It was so difficult to say no to "home-cooked" meals I dearly missed.  Now it's time to be serious because it's hard to get sick and pay for medical bills. Besides, it is frowned upon where I work to be sick. 

I have already made a list of food to buy this weekend and hopefully I stay on track. Here are my food list (for the most part) of 2011.

1. Fresh fruits
2. Fresh vegetables, mostly green because I love eating salad. 
3. More oatmeal during breakfast (without milk and just a teaspoon of sugar)
4. Green tea instead of soda fizz
5. Water, water, water
6. Turkey breast
7. Chicken breast
8. Salmon or other fish high in omega 3 (but not much on the deep sea kind because I cannot stand the taste of salty fish)
9. Brown rice (once in a while)
10. Low fat yogurt (why does Pink Berry always come to mind?!?)
11. Low fat milk (great for bones and teeth especially when you're pushing 40!)
12. More tofu

Have you noticed the absence of red meat on my list? Well, I am not much of a meat eater so I was thinking of skipping the red meat all together. It's not something I am going to miss, really.

So, want to join my food wagon of healthy stuff?  It may look very boring to some who are used to eating savory food. I love eating bland stuff so it is easy for me to adapt to varying food tastes be it bland or not.

Make your list and stick to it. Let's all be healthy this 2011!

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