16 January 2011

Ink on Skin

I know it is very impolite to stare but I cannot help looking at my brother's big tattoo scar on his lower arm. He had tattoos inked while growing up and passing the tumultuous stage of adolescence. I'm sure, that phase drove my parents really mad and crazy. I think it was my brother's way of rebelling or showing off that he was already a grown man. Albeit, still trapped in a little boy's body.

Well, the scar was his own doing. Several years ago, he didn't know how to remove it so he used an acid to scar the upper skin layer. If he knew the best tattoo removal cream during that time, he would buy one to cover the marks of his rebellious past.

I pat him on the back for his bravery and tap him on his head for his irrational behavior and poor judgment. I know, people will have their own personal perspective on putting ink on their skin. It can be for aesthetic reasons, a phase one go through, a sign of toughness, of bravery or just fad. However, my brother now regrets having those tattoos on some parts of his arms. They reminded him of a past best left where it should be.

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