16 January 2011

Kiosk Stand in the Office

I must be very pre-occupied with something that I did not notice the installed kiosk in our office lobby. I have been walking past the white rackmount near the lift and did not realize it was there. I asked my colleague this afternoon when it was installed. I was surprised to know that it was there for the past year. What? I thought I was extra sharp on noticing my surrounding but being in that building for the past 8 years have made everything around me seem like a blur.

My colleague was surprised herself. It was a big kiosk and was hard to miss. I could not give any reason because I just went past that same kiosk for over a year now without realizing it there. 

The installed kiosk was for the staff's use when they want to book their tickets on last minute and to those who have no access to a computer due to the nature of their job. It is very convenient and yet, I have missed to notice its existence.

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