26 January 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

I hate saying goodbye. I am not very good in hiding emotions so whenever a "farewell" has to be said, I bail out. I just can't stand the parting and all the mixed and lonely emotions which goes with it.

My brother is going home for good. He's been with me here in Dubai for the past five years. Unfortunately, the company where he was working had to fold due to the recession. All of them were laid off and he doesn't want to take another chance here again unless he goes through official employment agencies.

I feel so sad and disheartened right now. I'm just used to having him around and being there to listen to my woes no matter how insignificant they are. He helps me in the house and does some errands for us. I have to do everything on my own again now that he is leaving.

On the other hand, I am relieved because I know he'll keep my mom company and he'll take good care of her.

He'll be leaving in two days time and as early as now, I cannot bear to say goodbye. At least, for now...

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  1. Hi Ria! Just came by to say hello and see how you are doing. I am sorry to hear that your brother is leaving. =( That has to be very hard and I know you will miss him terribly. I hope you will have time to do something special with him before he leaves. Hugs, Judy


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