23 January 2011

My Dream Vacation for 2011

I have been thinking about visiting Japan this year. I really love anything Japanese, from the language, to the clothes, culture, arts, food (except for the sushi and sashimi!), climate, Cherry Blossoms, and Mt. Fuji.

This is the reason why I took up International Studies back in college and had a major in Japan Studies. I almost got into the exchange student program with the Japanese government back in college but I bailed. I should have gone though. That was a "free" chance to see and feel Japan.

I am saving right now for a my dream vacation. My daughter also loves to see Japan as she is fond of animes. What is the best way to make her understand anime than to visit the country who started it all, right?

My husband has been to Japan so he is not as excited as we are. I want to see a lot of place there like the shrines, the numerous zen gardens and the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. I want to soak it all in and be one with nature.

Japan is one of the expensive countries to visit. I may need to really tighten my belt if I want to visit the country this year. If not, then I can delay it for another year or so but I will definitely visit Japan. It is one of the places I need to visit. And I will!!!

(Photo credit: http://www.doit-dongnai.gov.vn/)

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