15 January 2011

My Friend is Pregnant!

News flash! This should be in front page! I am so happy because one of my best friend is pregnant. Her first child was born many years ago and now she is going to have another baby. All of us in her circle of friends are really hoping it is a baby girl this time. She really wanted to have a little "princess" at home.

Her circle of friends are very quick to remind her to take her prenatal-vitamins, have a good rest, do not over-tire herself, eat vegetables and fruits and take everything easy in terms of her activities. She is already in her late 30's and may experience different symptoms now as compared to her first pregnancy. It has been a long time so she may find her second pregnancy a challenge. So, we are all supporting her and make sure she is healthy and fit to go through this second pregnancy without or at least, very minimal complication.

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