05 January 2011

My Goals this 2011

A lot of us made our new year's resolution for 2011. I have and I am resolved to do few things which will bring continuous and positive effect until the coming years.

My goals for 2011 (and hopefully to spread all the way to the coming years):
1. Be more healthy. This will stave illness and keep the medical bills away.
2. Be more active. I am done sitting in front of the computer and playing games on Facebook. Yes, I am also one of the millions who got hooked at one point on the ever-addicting social network. I imagined how my life was pre-Facebook. I used to do a lot of stuff and recently I was in a rut because all I did was play some games in that social network.
3. Pay down my credit cards. I do not have to elaborate on this. Many share this sentiment with me. I am tired paying for the finance charges. This borrowing thing has to stop. And it will this 2011.
4. Save, save, save. I used to be very thrifty when I was single. After having my own small family, I noticed my budgeting skill  went a little wayward. I used to save big time and wonder what happened to my spending habits. I counted the chicks when they weren't hatched yet so I used up my savings for things and services I didn't actually need. I am re-focusing all my energy and will-power to save.
5. Be more sociable. I am an anti-social! There, I said it. When I say anti-social, I don't mean the hermit-kind of reclusiveness. I just enjoy small gathering of people I truly know. So, I have to muster the guts to attend to social events where I barely know anyone. I have a problem breaking the ice. I don't have the gift of gab like most people do. That has to change. I have to face my fear of public-speaking and overcome my shyness. Now you know why I enjoy blogging than partying...
6. Learn a new language. I used to speak Japanese, a bit of Arabic and French. All those were side-tracked because I focused more on helping my daughter with her school stuff. I want to challenge my mind and continue learning different languages. I don't know if I'll be able to use any of them in my daily life but it does help to know a different language because we travel a lot. During our trip to France, I was able to communicate with my very little French and found our way around town. I know they have their benefits. I will soon find that out.
7. Move to a new department or have a career change. This one is my last goal for 2011. I am aiming to empower my career so I can earn more but if I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for the current economic situation, I may have to shelve this temporarily until the dust settles. Our company is still very stable and I don't want to shoot my foot by jumping out. I will probably find another higher position within the company if the recession's tide has still not ebbed.

So, do you have your goals for 2011? 

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