09 January 2011

No HATE!!!

What the heck is going on in Arizona?!? I told myself countless times that I will stop reading the news because the headlines are just so negative.

I am so surprised to read that a 22-year old gunman randomly shot at people with a plot of shooting Congresswoman Gifford while meeting her constituents last Saturday.

Young adults are becoming very bold and daring and the one thing that bugs me is that, how the heck do they acquire semi-automatic weapon? Legal age? Don't they go through series of psychological tests to ensure the person who acquires a weapon is a responsible person with a sound mind?

A number of casualty from this senseless and merciless killing perished. Among them is a 9 year old girl who happened to love politics and was newly elected in her student council. She was a bright person with a bright future - if she hadn't been shot!!!

Wake up America? Maybe, some things should get tightened... 

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