28 January 2011

Online Business

My friend and I are in serious discussion on putting up an online store back in the Philippines. We have gone through several brain-storming sessions already on the best small business to start while still holding our day jobs. The one idea that really stands out is the online business of buy and sell which is big hit in the Philippines.

We wanted to start something that would involve small capital but higher yield. I told her that food would be the number one bet and next was clothing and beauty products. We all know how the Filipino yuppies this generation are with regards to overall appearance. The only problem is, how to get the supply. I want to sell original stuff and will not compromise on cheap and fake merchandise.

I hope this materializes soon. I know there are plenty of things to consider like splitting the costs, shipping of merchandise, what to sell, who to entrust the accounting of money flow, who to trust on monitoring the website, any fees to pay for permits, etc. It is a lot of work so we need to consider all those things before we go ahead on this venture.

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