06 January 2011

Organizing the Linens

We don't have a very huge flat which can accommodate a spare area for a linen closet. The closest I can get to ever having a linen closet of my own is to use the spare cabinet we have to store our knick and knacks.

I have done my end-of-the-year cleaning already so I made room for my linens to store there. Here's a simple tip I can share to organize your linens if you are tight for space like I do.

1. Have your comforters vacuum sealed. It will stay flat until the next winter. I have so many comforters at home so you can imagine how bulky they can become when all piled up.

2. Stack your pillow cases in a small drawer you have. At least you have a use for that drawer in the cabinet.

3. Put loose and unused blankets in a vacuum pack as well. It will give more spare to other linens you have like curtains.

4. Keep few towels only. We have 6 towels at home, 2 for each of us and that is about it. We don't buy extra because we won't be using all of them at the same time. Keeping few towels will spare you the misery of washing and storing them when not in use.

Those are my tips. They are practical and will depend on one's situation. If you live in a condominium or high-rise building with very little area to spare then you can use these tricks to store those linens.

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  1. tama ka about towels--we also have few ones. limited din ang storage namin kaya I don't buy unnecessary stuff.


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