18 January 2011

Our Child's Safety

There was a headline last week about a young girl of 4 yrs. who was sexually abused by the school bus driver and his 2 cohorts who were bus conductors. This happened last year, around November. The news only came out recently because the parents took the child to India and had her examined. It was medically confirmed that she was sexually abused.

The mother had a suspicion last November when she called the bus driver that she would wait for her child on the building lobby where she would be dropped off. The bus driver told her not to go down yet until he called. (More details on the story here: Accused rapist...)

The kid got home but did not tell anything. However, the mother saw weird stains on her uniform and had a bad suspicion. So, she kept the uniform and they went to India for the examination.

Now, the story and the name of the school has been released for public's knowledge so the people are aware that this thing can happen to anyone. 

As a parent, I am fuming mad about this. What human can do such an evil act to an innocent child? She is very helpless. How can she protect herself? What can we do too? 

Most schools here in the UAE employs third-party transport services for reasons beyond my knowledge. Either because the cost of maintaining several fleet of buses and retaining employees is too much of a cost or they are just washing their hands for eventualities like this one.

There is an out-cry from the parents here in UAE. How do we protect our own children? How? Should the government here change their laws and include death penalty? Public hanging perhaps?

Those 3 animals admitted to their crime. What's next? 

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