10 January 2011

Riding School

The riding school near our building is in full gear again because of the pleasant weather. The horses are being brought outside for a gallop with their riders. I usually see them in action in the morning as I drive to work. I sometimes drive slow to witness the handlers place the horse tack, blankets and pads.

I am really in awe in the presence of these Arabian horses. They are so beautiful. I wish I have enough money so I and my daughter can enroll in the beginner's riding lessons. Unfortunately, it is quite costly here. We can only do it during the colder season which is just barely 4 months in a year.


  1. I once saw police officers on their horses, and was amazed of how the horses stood magnificently.
    riding lessons here are quite expensive,too. well, I'll just visit them in the farm nearby;)

  2. I remember my best friend has a horse and the fun we had riding.


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