21 January 2011

Shopping Festival Sale! Sale! and More Sale!

Dubai has a major festival celebrated by many annually. Plenty of residents and even visitors from around the world, flock to this tiny cosmopolitan city to enjoy and take advantage of the major sales and discounts from all the participating outlets and shopping malls in the city.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 is on now. It started yesterday and it will be a month-long affair of shopping and bargain-hunting to the budget conscious consumers.

I was already on the lookout yesterday. I was looking on the pretty htc desire 2.2 in one of the electronics shops in the mall. I still have my reliable mobile phone. I was just admiring it's simple interface, sleek look and features.

A lot of people will really splurge during this festival. The items on sale are mostly regular stocks not from the old season. Even food retailers offer promos during this Shopping Festival.

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