25 January 2011

Steins and Shot Glass Collection

My husband and I are avid collectors of Beer Stein and Shot Glass. We always make it a point to buy any or both of the glass souvenirs when we visit other countries. We both do not mind buying both of varying designs as long as it is colorful, unique looking and indicates the country where we bought them from.

Germany is famous for Oktoberfest and when there are drinks, beer glass, beer steins and even shot glass abounds. Our last visit to Munich, Germany was exciting as far as our Beer Glass and Stein hunt went. The area near the Glockenspiel were lined up with souvenir shops. They were all selling various designs of Beer Steins and shot glasses. The steins were so beautiful. We loved the big ones but were a bit adamant to get them because they might break. We settled for the miniature steins and medium-sized beer steins because they were easy to pack and bring home. We bought so many and decided to keep half of the purchase for our collection. The others were given off as gifts to families and friends.

We are looking forward to go back there and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and hoard on more lovely and unique shot glasses and beer steins again.

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