09 January 2011

A Sudden Bright Idea

Have you ever experienced having episodes of ideas popping in your head even before you go to sleep? It has been happening to me lately. For few nights now, I have been sleeping with a pen and paper on my night stand so I can write down my ideas as soon as it pops. I usually give in to them because I don't want to waste that opportunity to record some good insights.

I'm not really sure where they are coming from. They are mostly ideas of what I can do when I go home in the Philippines for good. I have always been vocal about my desire to put up my own business and be my own boss. Since my tenure here in Dubai is coming to a close (not so soon though), I am already thinking of ways to keep the cash flow going.

I may not earn whatever I am getting now back home but I am looking forward to the fact that I will generate jobs. I don't have to answer to anyone but God and certainly, I'll give my staff more days off (if needs be).

It's really weird how these bursts of ideas usually come at night. Maybe because my mind is already relaxed and away from stress so my sub-conscious is feeding my brain thoughts of opportunities.

I hope this keeps going. I may just narrow down to one or two in the long run. I can't wait to see my dreams into realities. I keep my hopes high and fingers crossed (eyes included...LOL!).

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