14 January 2011

Time-Out from Facebook

It already came to a point where I am feeling a wee tired of opening my Facebook. I only do it these days to check who's online, for personal messages and what's happening to my family and friends. Apart from that, I have lessened my playing time drastically.

I just want to get my life back pre-Facebook where I used to do a lot of stuff - healthy and enjoyable stuff like going to the park, walking my dog, meeting friends and a bit of shopping. I got hooked on Facebook for sometime and dropped my activities all together so I could dedicate my time playing. I know, it's bad and I had to put a stop on it.

So, I'm having a temporary break from Facebook. Not a total fasting but minimizing my usage time to an hour and the rest is spent for what is truly essential.

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  1. You should take time off--na burn out ka lang kasi...I am only on my FB for my friends' updates---those real friends and to be updated with my family too. I don't play games there . Once I tried pero I'm not a gamer or fond of playing online games. I'd rather read.


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