26 January 2011

Wall Clocks

Wall Clock of any kind really fascinates me. I enjoy watching the movement of its hands and the swinging of some clock's pendulum. A bonus treat is when you hear the various melodic chimes.

I do not own a fancy and elaborate wall clock. I do not mind owning one though. I think a Large wall clock is a great piece to a bare or plain wall. It accentuates a room and can even be a conversational piece. It can also be a focal point in a simple room.  It certainly is a great addition to a home.

The first time I fell in love with a great wall clock was when I saw my aunt's beautiful cuckoo clock. It was big and stood out from their cream wall. I remember waiting for the clock to strike a certain time only to see a small cuckoo bird swinging out of the small window and the chimes followed a melodic tune. She brought the clock from Germany.

I recalled the beautiful cuckoo clock again when I saw similar designs sold in Munich near the Marienplatz. I thought it would be nice to have one in the house since I love wall clocks. I realized that it would be to transport unless I had it shipped.

I will certainly have one in the future. I really do not mind where it is made from as long as it makes beautiful chimes.

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