05 January 2011

What Will Your Million Pesos Buy These Days?

Who wants to be a millionaire? I do! I do! Who does not?

During my recent leave, I got to contemplate a lot and curiously searched the web for nice housing projects back home when I decide to leave the corporate world for good.

I browsed pictures of beautiful houses back home and I am in awe. Some have cathedral ceilings, others have swimming pools, some even have garage door opener and other small houses can accommodate a maid's room. Then I got the shock of my life when I checked the rates. A house with an area of only 50 sq. m. can already fetch a million. I say, what?!? That rate is not even in Metro Manila.

I was so surprised to find the rates of a residential lot per square metre. My goodness, I don't think my million (if I have any) will be able to buy something when the time comes.

So I ask myself, what will my million pesos buy by that time?

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