18 February 2011

Birthday Gift in Advance

Well, yours truly will turn 39 in few weeks time. I have just been given an advance birthday (and surprise at that too!) by my sweet darling hubby last week.

He knows I do not fancy high-tech smart phones because I barely answer my own mobile. However, as sweet and generous as he is, he took me to the mall last week. He was so casual to just ask me to go with him to buy some grocery. So I just went and even told him I did not want to buy anything because I was saving money. He said it was okay. So, to make the long story short, I went along. The moment we entered the mall, he led me to the mobile section and casually asked me, "Okay Honey, you choose which BLACKBERRY you want." You should have seen the surprised look plastered on my face! I was so embarrassed because I really and sincerely did not want anything for my birthday. I am just happy to get through being 39 and go on with my life. There I was, almost on the verge of crying because my hubby knew I secretly admire the BlackBerry but did not want to buy one. He was planning to buy me for sometime already and he took the right opportunity to do just that because of the Dubai Shopping Festival. I chose the very cheap one but he asked me if that was what I really wanted. I actually had my eyes on the BlackBerry Curve 9300 which was slightly expensive than the older model I was checking out. He asked the sales person to give me the BB Curve 9300 and the rest was history.

I love my advance birthday gift so much. I even sleep with the BB next to me which I normally don't do. Dear hubby has been teasing me a lot lately by telling me how he regret giving me the BB because all I do now is chat incessantly with the BB messenger ;)

Anyway, what more can I possibly want now?

Top pic: My daughter caught and snapped me tinkering with my BB (which I named after a famous gay actor in our country - BB Gandang Hari) and of course, the diva dog had to be in the pic too!

Below is the wonderful BB Curve 9300 hubby bought for me. Oh, what a bliss!


  1. Wow Happy Birthday to u. Really very nice your this post of birthday . i like that and great idea . thanks for nice sharing

  2. Many happy returns of the day, Your story is truly interesting, I got a good idea from your post. Your image is really very eye catchy.


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