20 February 2011

Connected by Cable

A cable is a long strip of two or more wire which runs side by side. The cable's anatomy consists of a plastic jacket, metallic shield, dielectric insulator and central core. The core is usually a copper wire or rod which acts as the main heart and soul of the cable wire. Its purpose is to transmit power or energy through its core down to the receiving end of the line.

There are various types of cables used for many purpose like audio, video, communication and electrical. HDMI cables are example of audio and video cables. They are suitable for high definition audio and video applications used for home theater installations, projectors, computer monitors and digital audio devices. Another example of cables are cat 5 cables which are used mainly for computers' ethernet connection and ATM. These cables are usually connected to a phone line and have pin ends as plug.  The optical cable is one of the highly used cable for audio and video due to its quality performance. It has a fiber optic tip which allows faster transmission of data over long distances and higher bandwidth. This is perfect for telecommunication including internet use.

A common household will also contain various types of cables to complete the function of their appliances. These wire cables used for home are great electronics for your TV and other overly used appliances like refrigerators, stereo components, computers and the peripherals and so much more.

The world of connection through cable has evolved tremendously over the years. The use of cables is still a high demand. We will continue to be connected by cables because of technology. 

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