20 February 2011

Different Accents

Okay, I recently posted about my hearing problem here. Here’s a nice anecdote about it which has happened to me in the office recently.

My colleagues are from various European and Australasian origin. Therefore, their accents are either too soft or hard for my sensible hearing.

I cannot help but laugh at myself because I really have to strain listening while trying to understand them when my other colleague can actually comprehend. Either my hearing is bad or I am poor to pick up (which I doubt!) or their bloody accent is just too much to comprehend. Arggghhhh…

Don’t get me wrong now. I love hearing them speak with their unique accent but when they talk fast, I can barely make-out the sense of the words spoken. For example, someone would tell me “Total time limitations” and I would only hear either the first or last word but never in full. My colleagues are already telling me to listen up. BUT I AM LISTENING!!! Waaaahhhhhhh…. Is it time for me to wear a hearing aid?!?

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