20 February 2011

Flabs to Fab

It may take a lot of years to actually make my mid-section fit and well toned, if not sculpted. I do not plan to have a muscular mid-section. I want it firm and not jiggly like how it is now.

My flabs started to develop ever since I got hooked on Facebook and other social media. My current post which is sedentary in nature also added to the current condition of my flabby tummy area. Although those are not the only factors to blame, you can throw in my lack of will power to commit on a regular exercise and genetics.

There are lots of supplemental aids in the market to help burn tummy fats. I have just checked abdominal cuts review and other fat-burner supplements to give me more insight on what they can do.

I know I can still achieve my goal of losing the bad fats and making myself fit and trim. I just have to be determined and committed.

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