05 February 2011

Food Take-Outs

Oh no! Did I just see the weighing scale register a higher number than the usual? Not again! These take-outs and weekend dinner with friends are making my waistline a little wider. Instead of losing the weight, I have packed more and add the fact that the weather is not very helpful at all. With the cold weather now, sweating out is thrice as hard.

I seriously think I need to have Lipofuze if I want to jump-start my weight loss goal for 2011. It is already the 2nd month of the year and yet, I have not lifted off from what I was supposed to do. I haven't been binging nor eating more than I should. However, the tempting buffet dinners and take-outs were hard to resist. Well, if you're paying $80 per head, then the more I should make the most of that money, right? So I ate...and ate!

I have to really run like crazy now and skip the desserts area if I still want to have dinner with friends. Maybe the next take-out of orders will be more of the veggies and fruits.

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