13 February 2011

Health Nut - Zumba Time

I don't want to enroll in dance lessons nor workout sessions because they are very expensive here. I checked the internet for free dance workout and found several videos in You Tube for Zumba.

Zumba is a dance routine with elements of Salsa and Merengue beats. It was born out of serendipity by Alberto Perez of Cali, Colombia. He came to his aerobics class one day and forgot his music so he grabbed whatever was in his backpack at the time. He improvised the steps to follow the Salsa and Merengue and thus, the Zumba was born.

I tried doing this dance workout earlier and I was panting like a dog. I felt my flabs jiggle all over the place. It is a great workout because it involves a lot of body movements which is good if you want to lose weight and build up your stamina. This workout is also a good break from the monotonous routine in the gym. 

So, if you feel like throwing some bucks over gym memberships or dance classes, just check out free videos of Zumba in the internet and dance your flabs away!

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  1. oh so u're into dancing also....a great alternative that will help you burn calories....

    i am a member of a filipino dance club here but i was too lazy to atteend the weekly classes....maybe i should do it again..


Thank you for your comment.