24 February 2011

Let's Swing!

I told my husband that as soon as I get my gratuity pay, I am buying a big residential lot. On that lot, I will build a house. And on that yard, I will have my small garden and swing set.

I just love playgrounds but I enjoy the swings more than the other fun rides you can find there. I remember growing up near a playground and every day after school, my siblings and I would run there and utilize our boundless energy. We would climb the monkey bars, go up and down the slide and push each other on the swings.

I know I may be old to ride in a swing but I am not disputing the fact that I may have grandchildren someday. It will be fun to see them use the swing set. My husband and I can also enjoy our couple time by holding hands while seated side by side on the swing.

I am posting a sample of my dream swing set and playground in my back yard. I hope it will materialize.

(Photo credit: bizrate.com)

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