10 February 2011

Listen Up

I am a good listener and I do so with fervor. Unfortunately, I became partially deaf due to my daughter’s innocent act of love (she blew a horn on my right ear) for 3 years.

It was so difficult to hear people and make out where the sound was coming from. My sense of balance was out of sync. Even crossing the street had been a great challenge. I could not tell if the motorists were honking or not.

I was a regular out-patient in the E.E.N.T for my ear check-up. That experience was really painful and challenging. Imagine being a Travel Agent and dealing with clients every single day of your life with a partial hearing condition. Difficult. I was straining my ear so hard. I often had a headache afterwards. I endured all that.

My hearing is okay now. It is not as good as it was but I can hear and that is more important.

I am more appreciative of what I have because I know how it feels to be “limited.”

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