07 February 2011

My Hypertension

I was diagnosed with hypertension last year. I didn't realize I had it until my nape ached for more than a week. My knees were painful and I felt nauseated and light-headed at the same time. 

My triglyceride was very high for my age and I was put into strict DASH or Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. My food for more than a month was either steamed, grilled and less seasoned than usual. My taste buds actually adapted to the bland tastes of my meal but it really helped lower my triglyceride. 

The doctor also advised me to exercise regularly (which I am failing to do right now!) and be active no matter how mundane it seems. Losing weight was also one of the tasks I had to commit myself to because I cannot carry any heavy weight around my stomach area.

Avoiding stress is also a must. I cannot get mad nor get upset over silly matters. It is a big make-over on my perception in life. I want to be healthy so I have to commit. It's not easy having hypertension. 

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