08 February 2011

The Smell of LOVE!

I smell love in the air and it's just around the corner. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and most couples I know are already scampering to find ways of celebrating it with interest.

The old-fashioned way of gift-giving does not appeal to my ultra-hip and modern friends so I guess, they are more into something adventurous and unique.

As for myself, my husband and I have been over the gift-giving phase and a simple "I love yous" do the trick. I for one will be content to receive a bunch of lovely flowers (tulips to be exact because they are my favorite!) if he wants to give me. If he does, then I can already smell Love!

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  1. shops here are ready for the Valentine's day! ako ready na rin...for roses ;) kung me Japanese food mas lalong okey!!


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