16 February 2011

Taebo and Zumba

I wonder why I haven't done Zumba before when it existed since the 1990s? I have done Taebo in the early 2000. Back then, my purpose for doing the Taebo was to build my stamina and resistance since I was sickly. It did help a bit but I had to stop because of work pressure.

I am doing Taebo again for health reasons now. I am alternating Taebo and Zumba but on weekends, I do them both to boost my cardio and stamina. My Taebo and Zumba sessions are done at home in the comfort of my bedroom so nobody can see my flabs jiggle around. I prefer to sweat alone anyway.

I will track my progress and hopefully do the advance Taebo session in few weeks time. My Zumba is also the basic because I need to practice on the footwork first.

I enjoy combining these two equally high-performing workouts to jump-start my weight loss goal which I derailed during the last quarter of 2010. I pray that I can stay on track this time. I need to lose weight for my health's sake! Cheer me on please :)


  1. go!go!go!Ria;)
    would love to do that,too,just need time and a sitter;)

  2. Thanks for the cheer Mayet! I only do it for half an hour. That's all I can commit because of other stuff to do at home.

    You can do it too. Try doing it while the kids are in school (if they are already going...) or when they are asleep.

    It's so fun!


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