19 February 2011

Various Spoken English Around Me

I wonder what is happening to me lately. I used to be very finicky with spellings and grammar but seem to be losing my fine touch these past few weeks.

I noticed how hard it is to recall basic spelling rules. An example of this was when I did a research on products and services about tattoo removal. I could not get a proper hit because I was typing this "tatoo removal". I did not even bother checking because of haste. It is a bit disturbing because I handle contents of legal, training and safety manuals in the office. How can I let a spelling error slip by?

I need to focus more and filter all these weird, various spoken English I hear around me. It is difficult to be surrounded by different nationalities who speak different kind of English. What is correct for me will not be the case for them. I often find myself arguing to one of my colleagues about the proper use of such and such. The kind of English taught to them and the way words are pronounced is so different from where I come from.

I will settle for whatever I have learned in school - American English it is!

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