19 February 2011

Wrapping Up the Weekend

Why does every long and great weekend have to end? My 4 days at home doing nothing (joke!) is coming to an end today. Tomorrow is another work week I have to endure.

I have been very open about my desire to leave the work force as soon as I get a better opportunity elsewhere or if money matters will stabilize for me soon. I do not mind doing menial jobs as long as I can put food on the table and pay my bills. I just want to get out.

I can still bear and grin it for few more years. I want to get my gratuity pay and of course, I want to be able to start a decent living out of what I am going to get. Anyway, it won't be long.

It is back to the grind for me. I just pray that my day and week in the office will be positively charged, no dramas and definitely less tension.

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