11 March 2011

8.9 Off-Shore Quake and Tsunami Hit Japan

Japan was struck by a strong off-shore quake today, Friday which hit on the Northern part of the country. The 8.9 earthquake caused tremors as far as Tokyo.

A tsunami followed thereafter and reached nearby areas in Tokyo like the city of Sendai where water swept some farmlands. Small vessels and even cars and trucks were swept to shore due to the power of the big tsunami.

So far, casualties have been reported but the agency is not yet certain.

Last Wednesday, Japan also experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake and now again. Tsunami alert has been issued to surrounding countries and as far as South America, Alaska, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia and Chile.

Please everyone, let us all offer our prayers to the Japanese people. We don't know how big the damage is but seeing the video footage of the tsunami sweeping across coastal towns will make our hearts break. Let's all offer our sincere prayers to all our Japanese brothers and sisters. May God help us all.

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