15 March 2011

Another Birthday, Another Year

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Yup, the age of 39 just rolled in. While I was just getting used to the fact of writing 38 on forms that I fill up, here comes 39. It is back to square one for me.

I am not celebrating my birthday this year with a shindig or anything. Maybe just a snack with my colleagues and a dinner at home with my love ones. You see, I am not the party goer anyway. I even hate my own birthday parties so it's just okay to "not" celebrate it. However, I do celebrate "life" - life that God has given me once again for my birthday. That means, I have another year of promises to make and keep (hopefully not to break), dreams to aspire, time to spend with the people who matter the most to me, activities to engage in, people to help, causes to support and another life to live as God has intended it to be. I am thankful for the added year despite my denial of old age slowly creeping in. It is inevitable and I am happy to be alive.

Happy birthday to me! 
Thank you God for giving me another chance in life.

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